12 Self-Care Tips That Can Enhance Your Life


We asked our Sabreen Queens what are some tips they had to improve their self-care routines in their busy lives. We thought they were so good that all of our queens could use them. Here are 12 self-care tips that can enhance your life.


1. Use positive and self affirming language. Be gentle with how you speak with yourself and try to avoid negative language.



2. Schedule days off. It's OKAY to take a break queens. We all need time to recharge and relax.



3. Get plenty of sleep. I mean you can't be beautiful if you don't get any beauty rest.

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4. Do some thing outside of your comfort zone. Just do it.




5. Set realistic goals. 

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6. Cook your favorite meal for your family and friends.

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7. Take a relaxing bath or shower.

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8. Netflix and chill. We all love a good movie.

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9. Try meditating.

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10. Get a new skin care routine.

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11. Get a new hairstyle. 

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12. Shop Sabreen Cosmetics. You deserve to look beautiful and we have the perfect shades for you. Also, get 10% off if you sign up for our newsletter.


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