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Black History Month | Queens that Reign Supreme

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Nyja Richardson, Content Creator, Millennial Mum & Digital Storyteller

What drives you every day as a female creative?

My driving force in every thing I do is my son, he has given me purpose and direction without even knowing. As a blogger I’m driven to share my story so others know they aren’t alone. There was a time when I felt everyone was against me, I was never lonely per se but I felt alone. Through blogging I was able to connect with so many other millennials and mothers who share similar stories. 

What advice would you give to aspiring female creative?

My advice to an aspiring female artist/creative is to simply start!  So often we say we want to do something but have a million reasons why this isn’t the right time. Self doubt was something I struggled with, I always told myself that the market was already so saturated especially with people who don’t look like me. However I realized that regardless of what resources I lack or how saturated the market is, no one else is like me and I have something special to bring to the table. 

Name one black women you were inspired by or look up to.

I was inspired my mother early on, she writes computer software and normally is the only black woman in the room. Her clients are always shocked when they see behind the screen is a chocolate woman in a head wrap handling their incentive compensation. She taught me to be proud of who I am and to realize my skin is a blessing not a curse, so embrace it. 

How do you Reign Supreme?

I reign supreme by being myself unapologetically and not allowing others to place societal norms on me. Being a black woman today is a task in itself, you are often questioned and have to prove that you deserve to be in a space. 

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