Black History Month | Queens that Reign Supreme

Ms. Kiko Davis, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist 

Sabreen Enhancer: Kamaria and Saliah

What drives you every day as a female entrepreneur/founder? 

A strong desire to inspire, encourage and empower women. There is power in numbers and nothing more rewarding than collaborating with other phenomenal strong women to build strong communities everywhere.

What advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs/founder? 

Don't be afraid to fail or take risks. Taking risks is a necessary part of  reaching your dreams. You will rarely meet a successful person who hasn't failed at least a few times.

In honor of Black History Month, name one black woman you look up to or influenced you and why?

One of my greatest inspirations in life has been Shirley Chisholm. in 1968 Chisholm was the first African American Woman elected to Congress and in 1972 was the first African American single party candidate to run for President of the United States. Chisholm was fearless in her pursuit of excellence in all phases of her life. She believed in fighting for her beliefs and what was right for all people especially women and minorities. She was definitely not afraid to knock down barriers.



How do you Reign Supreme? 

I have faith in God and the strong ability he has given me to positively impact others. He has blessed me with the power to reign with grace, passion, vision and purpose. 



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Black History Month | Queens that Reign Supreme

Black History Month | Queens that Reign Supreme

@JessGlamDollhouse x Sabreen Queen Gloss

@JessGlamDollhouse x Sabreen Queen Gloss

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