Heavy Metals & Lipsticks

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When we talk about lipstick, it’s usually in reference to the hue, it's stay power and stickiness factor. Or the way it makes us feel. 

What if I told you that the lipstick you’re using is potentially harmful to your health? Would you believe me? Do you care? 

Let me give you some facts.

I hope that starts a shift, because you can’t properly slay if your health is at risk.

Alright, queen. Let’s wade through the “boring” parts, so you can start to understand why companies such as Sabreen Cosmetics are so important.

The biggest threat when it comes to lipstick?

I will give you two words… heavy metals.

What are heavy metals? They are naturally occurring elements. (how they come to be is super scientific, so I’ll let those interested google it… think supernova explosions & the input of energy) However, it’s the way we are exposed to these heavy metals and the human manipulation & handling that occurs as result that causes them to be harmful to us.

Heavy metals include elements such as arsenic, chromium, lead and mercury. Their toxicity levels are dependent on both the dosage amount and the way in which we are exposed, such as ingesting, inhalation or skin absorption. 

Research has shown that most lipstick was found to have lead in it. It also revealed that lipstick was carrying up to eight other heavy metals - many of which I mentioned above.

To exacerbate the problem lead accumulates in the body, and per the CDC there is “no safe level”. Lead is known to cause learning, language and behavioral problems because it is a neurotoxin.

So even at low levels, these heavy metals are categorized as systemic toxins that are known to inflict multiple organ damage. In addition, some are classified as human carcinogens.

Chromium, for example,  is often also found in lipstick and is a carcinogen associated with abdominal tumors.

When you factor in the daily use, the absorption, and the ingestion that comes with the territory of lipstick, this news is not just alarming, it’s downright dangerous.

To drive it home further, women reapply lipstick two to fourteen times a day. This results in the absorption of up to 87/mg a day, according to a study conducted by the University of California. 

You might be wondering at this point, why you don’t see such metals listed in the ingredients of lipstick. But it’s not listed because it’s not “technically” an ingredient.

Heavy metals are contaminants in the pigments and in the base materials that go into lipstick.

Thus, creating another loophole based on lack of regulation and transparency.

Due to regulating laws being based back in 1938 (and none sense), the FDA has no legal authority to make sure products are safe. Read more here.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because you can’t just monitor how often you’re using lipstick.

Unfortunately, we’re past that point.

You must (and I mean yesterday) choose safer. 

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This blog post was sponsored by Clean Beauty for Black Girls. Sabreen Cosmetics is proud to announce our newest partnership with Clean Beauty for Black Girls. Keep an eye out for their sponsored blogs. 

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