Queen Behind Sabreen: Saliah


Hey Queens! My name is Saliah and my name means divine. I don’t have a favorite movie, but I love comedies, historical movies and documentaries.  There are so many beauty influencers that I love, it’s so hard to name just one. But personally I love Dijjjjjah. She is so beautiful, funny, witty, and her melanin is AMAZING. Her flawless make up skills are to die for!

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?


You recently released a new collection. What do you enjoy most about creating this collection/product?

The ability to curate the products itself is always amazing. It is by far my favorite part of the process. I am very meticulous about the ingredients and performance of our products, and I am somewhat of a perfectionist. We are sure to test all of our products on our family and friends, which is by far the most exciting for me. My goal is to always produce clean beauty products fit for a Queen!

The “InnovateHER” gloss was named after you? What makes you a “InnovateHER”?

What makes me an InnovateHer is my ability to be creative, idealistic, dynamic and a visionary. I am usually the person in the room always seeking to fix processes or finding creative ways to improve on ideas that are already good, but need to be taken to the next level. I am also fearless, which sometimes scares my family, but I always seem to land on my feet! 

Sabreen Founder - Saliah

What’s it like working with your sisters?

It’s an interesting experience. It can be fun and challenging, but we always able to come together and the outcome is always awesome. We all play an integral part in our company, and I am honored to be their sister and business partner.

What do you like to do outside of the company?

I love music, art, and I enjoy a variety of hobbies. I would love to learn how to paint one day, but I unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with that hands of Dali!

As a girl boss what are your go to things for self-care?

My go to routine for self-care are rest, tea, spa-days (when I can), and writing.

What are your must haves while working?

Tea & Music. If I have those two things, I can conquer the world!

What are some of your dreams and aspirations for the company?

My dream is to become the leading beauty brand providing for clean beauty products for women of color, which I know with time and due diligence we can achieve. I am fully dedicated to our preserving my aunt’s legacy, our brand and our Sabreen Queens. I am honored to operate a company with my sisters, and serve women of color in the process. It is my hope that we represent women of color and their clean beauty needs with elegance, grace and regality.

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