12 Ways to Reign Supreme in 2019

Happy New Year Sabreen Queens! Cheers to another year of levelin’ up, achieving your goals and being a total bad ass. We want to wish you a successful, peaceful and prosperous 2019. If weren’t able to live your best life in 2018 here are a few tips that can help you REIGN in 2019. 

1. Make a list of long- and short-term goals.


2. Get a calendar and use it. 


3. Forgive someone who hurt you. Let it go queen. Life's too short to hold grudges.


4. Plan a trip somewhere. Even a day trip. Find somewhere to go and just go. You might meet the love of your life.


5. Read! 30 minutes a day will help you acquire new knowledge queen.


6. Update your resume. A new and fresh resume will help you land your dream job. Below should be you adding your work experience, education and achievements to your new resume.


7. Declutter your space. A clean space helps you think better.


8. Start a side hustle. A little extra cash won't hurt.



9. Let go of toxic friends and relationships. You deserve to be happy and if they are not adding value to your life then its time to cut ties queen.


10. Create a new fitness routine. Take a daily walk. Take a self-defense class. Take a dance class. Stay active queens.



11. Think before you speak. Try not to let your emotions cloud your judgement.


12. Treat Yo Self to Sabreen Cosmetics! Our products are made with love so you can enhance the regal you in 2019.


Now adjust your crown and conquer the world queens!


Comment below and lets us know what tips you want to implement this year.

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