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Sabreen Queens March On!

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Written By: Angie P.

Michelle was told that girls from the south side of Chicago didn’t get out.

Serena was told that black girls didn’t play tennis.

Maya was told that black women didn’t get published.

Sojourner was told she was doubly without rights as a woman and as a slave.

They did it anyway. They pushed on.

Oprah, Harriet, Beyoncé, Tyra, Angela, Rosa, Hattie, Josephine, Aretha, Shirley, Coretta, Dorothy, Audre, Lena, Billie, Ruby.

They were told there was no place for them.

They were told their kind wasn’t allowed.

They were told their dreams were too far-fetched. Too unrealistic. Not worth the trouble.

They were told they would be met with resistance at each and every turn. They were.

They pushed on.

These women who pushed boundaries, broke rules, fought for rights, and who shattered stereotypes didn’t have to do it. It would’ve been easy to give up, to do what they were told, to believe the limits they were given were unable to be breached.

They pushed on.

They chase and clawed and fought and dreamed.

Heartaches, hardships, and headaches.

They pushed on.

They put in the work. They didn’t listen to the naysayers. They didn’t apologize for charting their own course.

They pushed on.

And they succeeded.

Unapologetically. Unwavering. Undeterred.

They fell but always got back up. They made mistakes but learned lessons. They succeeded.

They pushed on.

We take their names and faces for granted now. These incredible women have blazed paths for us to follow, kicked down doors for us to walk through, and shattered ceilings so we can climb.

They reached the top of their fields, exceeded the success of the men that fought to hold them down, changed laws, acquired rights, and freed souls. They’ve taught us lessons and wrote the blueprints.

These women are our foremothers. Our idols. Our heroes. Our queens.

March on so they know we learned from them.

March on because they bled for our rights to do so.

March on because we’ve come too damn far not to.

March on.

Unapologetically. Unwavering. Undeterred.

Your dreams aren’t silly, no matter how many people tell you otherwise. Your goals aren’t unrealistic, no matter how big. Your perseverance will determine your success. The fight you have within will decide how far you go.

Your dreams are attainable.

March on.

And when you make it, don’t forget to turn back and give a hand to the women following behind you. Together, we succeed against hardships, oppression, and succeed in ways we were told we never would.

March on.

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  • Shahidah: January 20, 2019

    Thank you all for caring enough about the Sisterhood to post such uplifting words. We appreciate Sabreen Cosmetics – you too Push on!!

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