Self-Care is a Health Issue

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that without our health everything is in jeopardy.

That’s even more prevalent when we look at Black women.

Black women have higher rates of beauty related chemicals in our bodies, and therefore have more hormone related health issues.

We also have higher levels of stress and anxiety that are the result of several factors of our life from discrimination to economic inequality to working in corporate America, and so on down the line. 

Self care for us can simply not just exist at the surface level and filled with bath bombs & spa days.

Even if those things do have their own rightful space.

Self care for Black women is more about addressing our environment and the toxins we are consistently exposed to by way of our products all the way to the emotional martyrship that is demanded of us.

Being the rehab center for our communities is not sustainable. Especially during this civil rights movement era we are living, breathing, protesting and surviving in.  

Self care is, therefore, a vital part of our health, happiness and lives.

  • It can take the shape of choosing safer cosmetics.
  • Sticking to a beauty routine - remember: cleanse, tone, treat, prep.
  • Checking in with your virtual therapy group.
  • Writing a letter (or letters) to your inner child.
  • Getting your 10,000 steps and gallon of water daily.
  • Eating a vegetable.

Whatever works for you.

Your sense of self and your well being is the plug.

Trauma is not something we need to bend our lives around.

So, protect your magic.

Start small. 5 minutes matter at first, because they eventually turn into 10. Then 20.

You matter. Your gifts matter & they are yours to share.

When, and only when, your cup is full first.

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