10 Luxury Items Every Woman Should Own

Evidently, no matter our current fashion preferences, most women have been through an array of style rebirths. Before we dive deep into what luxury items are worth it and absolutely every woman should own, let’s all collectively admit that 2021 has given us plenty of time to rifle through our wardrobe arsenal and identify those key pieces that fuel our spirit of experimentation even more. Those best wardrobe investments always manage to reign supreme no matter the season and current trends. Ahead is our list of the top 10 luxury items every woman should own.

  1. Little black dress

 Source: Pinterest

Coco Chanel’s little black dress has been hailed as a true staple of women's wardrobes for decades. What’s the single most identifiable outcome of owning it? It will perfectly match all your future ensembles and can be worn for any occasion. From cocktail parties to night-out dressing, LBDs are the quintessential wardrobe investments.


  1. Luxury handbag

Chanel Flap Bag

Source: Chanel

When discussing classic luxury items every woman should own, handbags always take the frontstage. Refined bags never lose their value, a tote or a crossbody bag style is the perfect solution to all-year-round elegant dressing. Consider it as a statement piece that will last you a lifetime.


  1. Classic blazer

Balmain Blazer

Source: Balmain

A classic blazer is one of the best wardrobe investments a woman can make. Beautifully tailored, neutral-colored silhouettes that offer the perfect fit can be styled with a plethora of outfits - from jeans and a dress to suits.

  1. A great trench coat or overcoat

Zara Wool Coat

Source: Zara

Elegant trench coats and overcoats are tooted their versatility, wearability, and timeless allure. High at the top of luxury items every woman should own lay knee-length as well as mid-thigh silhouettes.

  1. A good pair of heels

Black Kate 100 Leather Pumps

Source: Matchesfashion

Black, nude, and tan heels are considered the best wardrobe investments for modern women with an eye for chic power-dressing. They can be styled with jeans, dresses, workwear, and everything in between.

  1. A pair of sensible flats

Chanel flats

Source: Pinterest

Just like heels, owning a pair of luxury flats can be a stellar all-year-round addition to your casual wardrobe. While neutral colors flatter most ensembles, flats offer the perfect opportunity to experiment with different textures. 

  1. Tailored, high-quality jeans.


The right pair of jeans can effortlessly enhance your silhouette while also adding a flair. With denim comests the otherworldly ability to age gracefully, adding an even more pleasing aesthetic to their look and color.

  1. Signature perfume

Source: @cocoweekend

Signature perfumes belong in the list of the top 10 items every woman should own because aroma serves as a mirror reflection of our moods while also highlighting our personality as it lingers in a room long enough for everyone to stop and stare.

  1. Designer sunglasses

Versace Sunglasses

Source: Pinterest

Designer sunglasses with timeless style are not only utterly fashionable but also their distinctive finishing touch that can upgrade even the simplest of outfits. 

  1. Signature Luxury Lipstick

Source: Sabreen Cosmetics

Last, but not least, our 10 luxury items every woman should own list would be complete without the most sensual love note to ourselves, a signature luxury lipstick. Empowering, charming, and deeply personal, luxury lipsticks express our vibrant inner beauty with our outer appearance. Like we always aspire to do here, at Sabreen Cosmetics, luxury clean lipsticks drenched in romantic hues, are more than able to boldly flaunt the embodiment of femininity.

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