2022 Fall Nail Trends For The Elegant Woman

Nothing signifies the arrival of fall quite like the much-anticipated changing of your nail color. The only thing that can rival the clean luxury beauty makeover is perhaps taking a photo of said sumptuous nails with a seasonal latte. Silver chrome, ravish-me-red, embellished nails with gems and French manicures so delicately created to fall into the elegant-woman-aesthetic — now is the time to let your luxury nail lacquer do the talking.

Prepare for the cold weather-approved, sweater-centric ensembles, with the fall nail trends for the elegant woman, ahead. 

Discover 2022 Fall Nail Trends for Elegant Women 

The Resurgence Of Browns


Credit: Hermès

Earthy, fall-approved tones and rich brown shades are pivoting the way. Expect to see a plethora of chocolatey hues ranging from light or dark to reddish, yellowish, and even gray-brown. Look no further than Les Mains Hermes, in the shade Brun Bistre, is a radiant color with a long-lasting lacquered shine that exudes elegance.

Brun Bistre by Hermès can be paired perfectly with the Nura Gloss Nura Nº3, a deeply rich chocolate brown luxury lipgloss for a sultry autumn look. 

Confidence-Inducing Reds


Spice up your neutral winter wardrobe with a confident, powerful and sexy red-hued manicure and do no forget the final clean luxury beauty touch.  “Good Kisser”, Mischo Beauty luxury nail lacquer like the Crème de la crème of Modern, classic red shades that dazzle.

Good Kisser by Mischo Beauty can be paired perfectly with the Lana Lip Rouge Metallic, Lana Lana Nº9 . A perfect crimson satin luxury lipstick for a bold unapologetic statement. 

The Return of The French Tip



Source: Auda B Beauty

French-tipped nails have adorned the hands of elegant women for decades, and 2022 is no exception. For an elegant twist opt for a creamy eggshell shade or for a more adventurous look, add chic graphic art, stickers, and gems. Casa Blanca by Auda Beauty - a pure and rich shade for all your cold-weather manicures is an excellent selection for your unapologetic version of the French Tip.

Casa Blanca by Auda Beauty can be paired perfectly with the Nura Gloss Nura Nº2 A luminous rose gold luxury lipgloss shade for an elegant touch. 

Metallic, Reflective & Unapologetic



Source: Chanel

Highly reflective chrome finishes on the entire nail or as an accent for nail art are the epitome of elegance. So leaned into disco ball-adjacent luminescence in the most subtle way possible.  Le Vernis, in the shade 965 - CLAIR DE LUNE by Chanel is a long-lasting, high-shine, luxury nail lacquer with carefully selected pigments for an even application and a dramatic effect.


965 - CLAIR DE LUNE by Chanel can be paired with the tantalizing Lana Lip Rouge Metallic Lana Nº3 for a deep coffee metallic autumn look. 

Clean Luxury Beauty By Sabreen Cosmetics

From clean, soft whites that give a sense of simplicity and inner peace and beautiful browns that give a soft, upbeat feeling to a traditional muted nude to look-at-me-know reds and unexpected chrome finishes, the 2022 Fall Nail trends have a lot to offer to the elegant fabulous and daring. As you indulge in the luxury nail lacquer trends, do not forget to match your beauty experiments with an equally sumptuous, long-lasting, moisturizing lip gloss or lipstick by Sabreen Cosmetics.



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