5 Summer Beauty Trends For The Unapologetic Woman

As a new season rolls around, new makeup trends inevitably follow. To ring in the start of summer, we are showcasing a few of our favorite makeup looks to kick off the hottest season of the year. From face gems and ultra-glossy lips to flushed cheeks and luminous skin, the beauty scene is one you want to be a part of for the next few months. Continue reading to learn how you can create trendy makeup looks this summer.
1. Face Gem Frenz 
Credit: All Women Talk
The popular HBO TV Series Euphoria released its second season earlier this year and inspired a resurgence of adventurous makeup, most notably Face Gems. 
Summer marks the perfect time to explore this fun retro trend, which can be seen on numerous celebrities and influencers. To apply, simply take pre-made stickers (or opt for the traditional route and manually glue them) and gently place them on your face for additional glam and sparkle. Popular application areas include inner corners, eyelids, and brow bones.
2. Go Glossy
 The perfect lipgloss is a summer essential. This season, let your lips make a bold statement and opt for moisturizing formulas with an ethereal shine. If you are on the market for a new luxury lip gloss, try our Nura Gloss, which features a hydrating, lightweight, tacky-free finish perfect for the blazing summer heat. Handcrafted with luxury clean ingredients and available in five high-pigmented shades, the Nura Gloss, will be a staple in your summer tote.
3.  Ultra-Dewy Skin
Credit: The Fashion Spot 
Following on the heels of glossy lips is dewy skin - a summer beauty look that never goes out of style.  To achieve the glowing-from-within appearance, apply an illuminating, lightweight foundation with a damp beauty sponge. 
Next, follow up with a cream bronzer, brush, and a natural highlight. Then, use a dewy setting spray to give your skin a luminous finish that rivals the sun.
Finally, seal the deal with our curated selection of metallic lipsticks, the Lana Lip Rouge Metallic, which add dimension and shimmer to your look.
 4. Pops of Pastel
Credit:  Maria Winkler
This typical spring staple has extended its stay into the summer months.
Whether you are a fan of soft lilac, baby blue, or pretty peach, these softer shades are chic and playful way to add eye catching color to your eyes. If you are not fond of colored eyeshadow, there are several ways to take part in this trend.
For a more subtle effect, use pastel eyeshadow as accents on your inner corner or upper and lower lash line.
 5. Go Brighter With White Liner
Credit: Duckie Thot 
Eyeliner has certainly had its moment this year as countless celebrities showcase fun liner designs. While you may be tempted to reach for your trusty black pen, this summer, venture out of your comfort zone and explore with white liner. White liner gives an alluring illusion of brighter, wider eyes - perfect for mornings after pulling an all-nighter. Whether you prefer a simple streak across your top lash line or a bold swipe on your lower lash line, this trend is timeless as it is experimental. No matter your style, white liner is a fun, fuss-free way to change your look this season. 
 Embark On Your Unapologetic Summer  
With five beauty trends to try this summer, embark on a journey of unapologetic self-expression and timeless beauty. Explore looks that inspire you to feel confident, so you can make this season one to remember. 
And remember to always Be Unapologetic.

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