Discover 5 Ways To Join The Fight Against Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sabreen Cosmetics and the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation have partnered for our annual campaign to raise awareness for the second leading cause of Cancer-related deaths among women, Breast Cancer. Statistically, 1 in 8 women will develop invasive Breast Cancer throughout their lifetime. Additionally, research indicates that younger women and Black women are more likely to present the triple-negative subtype of the disease, which is more aggressive and associated with a higher mortality rate.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sabreen Cosmetics

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, the inspirational founder of the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation, has received countless awards and accolades and has dedicated her life as a trailblazer in the medical field. She is paving the way for the future generation of young women and women of color in the medical and STEM professions as one of the first Black women to earn a Ph.D. in Physics. Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green was recognized as one of Ebony Magazine's and The Root’s “100 most influential African Americans in the US,” as well as one of USA Today's "100 most inspiring women of the last 100 years." She developed a revolutionary Cancer treatment using lasers and nanotechnology that has shown complete elimination of human Cancer in laboratory mice after one treatment over 15 days with no chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or observable side effects. Through her meaningful foundation, she has raised over one million dollars and is currently raising funds to cover the costs of FDA approval and human clinical trials for her Cancer treatment.

This cause is deeply personal to both the sister-owned Sabreen Cosmetics and Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, who sadly both lost their beloved aunts against their valiant battles with Breast Cancer. The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation’s ultimate goal is to reduce the (physical, mental, emotional, and financial) suffering of Cancer patients through innovative, accessible, affordable and effective care.  In turn, the hope is to save as many lives as possible of the 8.8 million people who annually lose their battle to Cancer.

Here are five ways you can help join the fight against Breast Cancer affecting women around the world and raise major awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  1. Help support the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation with your Sabreen purchase or donate directly to the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation here . Please contribute to our goal of eradicating Breast Cancer by offering a donation at the Sabreen Cosmetics checkout. Sabreen Cosmetics will donate $1 for every purchase made by our patrons during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds proudly go to the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation to benefit Cancer-fighting research.

  1. Educate yourself and your loved ones about Cancer screenings. Early detection is the key to successfully treating and beating Cancer. Make annual mammograms a priority and learn how to self-examine your breasts for abnormalities. Many facilities offer free mammograms this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  2. Join a local community walk or run. Participate with local friends and family by registering for the annual run or walk to help raise awareness and Breast Cancer Research. This can be a fun way to spend time together, while doing good and saving lives.
  3. Wear pink proudly. Show your support and love by donning the famous pink ribbon, the international symbol for Breast Cancer. You can also display your support by wearing pink clothing, nail polish, shoes or even Sabreen Cosmetics lipsticks. Our Haus of Nura Gloss Collection has two perfect pink hues to help you think pink!  
  4. Volunteer your time. Volunteer virtually with the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation or volunteer hands-on with your local Breast Cancer Awareness non-profit organization or charity. A simple Google search will display a variety of options in your local area.
  5. Start your own fundraising event. Fundraising can be a fun way to celebrate your birthday in lieu of presents or a special way to honor those you love affected by Breast Cancer. Set up and customize your fundraising page here. You have the capacity to save lives.

Unite with Sabreen Cosmetics and Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation to give hope, encouragement and lifesaving advantages to our fellow sisters currently battling against Breast Cancer. Let’s fight back against this life-taking disease so that no one else experiences the painstaking loss of an aunt, mother, daughter, sister, grandma or dear friend. Make Breast Cancer Awareness Month every month so we can turn Breast Cancer into a vision of the past.

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