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What is Clean Luxury Beauty?

With a myriad of buzzwords utilized today to market beauty products, feel-good terms such as "clean" and "luxury" are constantly mentioned to draw in consumers, but are seldom defined. While these terms often evoke feelings, and influence patrons' beauty choices, the terms have never been clearly defined. 

Luxury can be simply defined as a state of great comfort and extravagance. In today's beauty world, this translates to high-quality formulas handcrafted with the finest ingredients, while utilizing the latest innovations and technologies. Luxury brands take an artisans approach in the development of luxury products, irrespective of costs. Luxury beauty delivers an elevated level of quality, packaging experience, and exclusivity to the patron. 

While "clean beauty" does not have a rigid definition, there are several pillars that have resonated across the clean beauty market. Clean products are sustainably curated with the quality and safety of the patrons, planet, and animals in mind. All formulations are handcrafted with ingredients that are free of hazardous chemicals that are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive damage, and other adverse health effects..

Marrying these two terms together creates an intriguing niche of products, perfect for the aware and conscious consumer that also appreciates the finer things in life.

At Sabreen Cosmetics, we are proud to meet at the intersection of clean beauty, luxury and sustainability. With a curated selection of innovative luxury lip glosses and lipsticks, all products are proudly PETA-Certified, Leaping Bunny Certified and Good Face Project Approved, and are encased in recyclable components, sustainable boxes and a luxury reusable pouch for storage.

We are unapologetic about our high-quality vegan products being uniquely formulated with the safest and ethically sourced colorants, free of toxic FD&C, Lakes, and Carmines, delivering the safest formulations for you and the earth, with a decadent experience of luxury beauty. 

Welcome to Haus of Sabreen, clean luxury beauty curated to inspire women to live life unapologetically.

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