Greenspark x Sabreen Cosmetics: Clean Luxury Beauty with Positive Social Impact

We are thrilled to announce Greenspark x Sabreen Cosmetics - a partnership rooted in environmental consciousness and sustainability

As concerns over sustainability continues to grow, the discussion surrounding greenwashing within the luxury beauty industry has risen. Shockingly, prestige and clean beauty have come under the spotlight due unsubstantiated, misleading or exaggerated claims. The green credentials of some major corporations have come into question as many often utilize buzzwords as a part of a wider marketing strategy - one that aims to appeal to eco-conscious consumers who strive to support mission driven brands. 

This has sparked a conversion to question what is sustainability? What is greenwashing? Conscious consumers are discerning how to actively support the increasing surge of sustainable cosmetics brands that are responding to the climate and social crisis instead of buying into greenwashing.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is often divided into three core groups: economic, environmental, and social. Many high-end cosmetic brands have committed to sustainable goals, such as reducing their environmental footprints and conserving resources. There are two ways to measure sustainable cosmetics brands’ practices: the effect a business has on the environment, and the effect a business has on society, with the goal of sustainable practice being to have a positive impact on at least one of those areas. This is where greenwashing may occur.

What is Greenwashing?

Coined in 1986 by environmentalist Jay Westervelt, greenwashing refers to the misleading or false claims of a company that suggest it is doing more for the environment than it actually is. Misleading buzzwords such as “green”, “green-minded”, “eco-conscious”, or even “sustainable”, are often not substantiated by any credible data or evidence. Leading sustainable cosmetics brands with clean luxury beauty products, on the other hand, are integrating sustainability into everything they do — not just a select few occasions.

Sabreen Cosmetics’ Sustainability Partnership Greenspark

For Sabreen Cosmetics, transparency and sustainability are at the forefront our brand decisions. Amidst the conversation of animal cruelty, we thrive on curating Leaping Bunny and PETA-certified color-rich formulas using the safest and ethically sourced colorants, free of toxic FD&C colors. All products are packaged in recyclable components and utilize reusable luxury pouches for future storage to have minimal impact on the environment, and to reduce waste. Expanding our sustainability goals, we monitor our social and environmental impact by partnering with organizations that share similar sustainability values and initiatives.  

Sabreen Cosmetics has partnered with Greenspark's Eden Reforestation Project. The project's mission is to combat deforestation by employing local communities to plant trees, providing an empowering means to alleviate extreme poverty through environmental stewardship. With every Sabreen Cosmetics order, we plant one tree. Patrons receive a certificate to verify and track their impact post purchase. We are transparent with our impact, and patrons are able to publicly monitor our impact here on our Greenspark’s Public Profile: 

Thus far, we have supported projects that sequester or prevent deforestation as well as have a long-term positive social impact. 

As a sustainable luxury cosmetics brand, we are committed to ensuring that we implement sustainable initiatives that benefit our patrons and our planet. 

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