Luxury Outfit Ideas For Classic, Yet Modern Women On A Mission

Trends might be in constant rotation, but calming neutral tones, soaked in wearability and versatility, will always be tooted as an all-year-round staple. Luxury outfit ideas with pastel hues charged with optimism and all-white ensembles that are equal parts chic and pleasantly modern reign the fashion sphere. Now that the holiday season is almost upon us, it’s the quintessential time to dive deep into the art of refined eveningwear styling without veering into fashionable-but-too-on-the-nose territory.

 Luxury outfit ideas for modern women: all-white

 Stylesbywhite x Sabreen Cosmetics

As far as luxury outfit ideas are concerned, white is painfully easy to mix and match with an array of accompanying colors, blending perfectly with soft, pastel shades. The asymmetric ruched slitted min dress will add some texture to the brilliantly monochromatic ensemble, while the slitted skirt epitomizes a modern yet classic affair. The neutral-colored leather bag and complimentary leather sandals combined with a slew of subtle gold-tone jewelry offer us a friendly reminder of why creamy hues and precious metals are hailed as the most ideal luxurious outfit combination.

The finishing touch comes drenched in deep, alluring shades of chocolate; a polished signature aesthetic that adheres to the light, airy feel of the entire look. The Nura Gloss  serves ethereal high-sheen wear for perfectly primed lips that magnetize everyone in the room. 

A luxurious touch of pastel

 stylesbywhite x Sabreen cosmetics

Soft pastels emit a soothing aura; worthy of every modern woman on a mission. This figure-flattering midi dress transmits serenity and utter elegance, especially when combined with tenuous touches of gold jewelry. The all-white leather bag, perfectly matched with a pair of oh-so-sophisticated leather sandals that complement the silhouette, exudes the confidence that power-dressing offers. 

Seal the look with the pigmented-rich Lana Lip Rouge Satin; the ultimate signature lipstick that embodies the complex beauty of femininity. A vitamin-infused creamy blend for every occasion.

Otherworldly-gorgeous textures, flattering hues, and an array of precious metals enhance, captivate, and empower, but no matter how many luxury outfit ideas you’ve saved in your wishlist, no look will ever be complete without a signature lipstick. At Sabreen Cosmetics, quality ingredients, exceptional performance, and ethics collide in an effort to radiate your inner beauty and empower a feeling of opulence. 

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Lisa Stone

Gorgeous, beyond. Love this elegant palette. Would love y’alls take on summer pantsuits, hats….

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