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Clean Beauty by Sabreen Cosmetics.

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Clean Beauty 

We founded Sabreen Cosmetics to provide products that are not only clean, but high performing, luxurious and accessible to Black women. Through our research we’ve found that almost 75% of products marketed to Black women had potentially harmful ingredients. That’s why we created products that offered a cleaner alternative. Besides, our Sabreen Queens deserve nothing less than the best! 

At Sabreen Cosmetics, we define clean beauty as products that formulated with ingredients that are vegan, and created without any harmful ingredients such as talc, parabens, FD&C colors and other toxic ingredients. We’ve worked diligently with cosmetic chemists to develop our formulas ensure that we meet not only the United States beauty standards, but also the European Union’s standards of cosmetic ingredients which are the strictest standards of Clean Beauty in the world. 

Cruelty Free

Beyond the formulas, we believe that clean beauty should only be tested on humans. Animals should not have to suffer in order for our Sabreen Queens to be beautiful. We pledge to never test on animals! 


Our products are packaged in a reusable luxury pouches, and all of our components are packaged in recyclable material that are designed to be relatively small in order to reduce the amount of material utilized.