Sabreen Cosmetics was founded to honor the life and legacy of the founder’s beloved aunt, Nabeehah Sabreen, who fought a valiant battle against Breast Cancer until 2009. Throughout her life she was unapologetic. She lived life on her own terms, while proudly embracing her Black American heritage.

Affectionately bestowed with the name “precious gold” by the founder’s mothers, by virtue of her unmatched opulent style, bold personality, and heart of pure gold. Her spirit was truly dynamic, as a fashion connoisseur, wellness expert, and a social justice advocate, she conquered the world with ease.

Her impact is ever present amongst us, and we are proud to embody her powerful values: To live life on our own terms.

Historically, society has instructed women to fit into stereotypical identities that often project limits and glass ceilings. At Sabreen Cosmetics, we inspire women to live life on their own terms, and to be a source of inspiration and aspiration for women to BE UNAPOLOGETIC ™.


Sabreen inspires you to live life on your own terms, unapologetically.

Welcome to a world where you defy limits others want you to adhere to.

Be an ambitious dreamer, determined to live a life of opulence because you deserve it.

Give yourself permission to be free.


Our mission is to inspire women to live life on their own terms, and to revel in the absolute freedom of being unapologetic.

Be Unapologetic ™.

Saliah, Najiyyah, and Kareemah Founders of Sabreen Cosmetics


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