Sabreen Queen Influencer Program

Join the Sabreen Queen Influencer Program! 

Do you love Sabreen Cosmetics, and our mission?  Would you like promote our brand to other potential Sabreen Queens?  

Do you possess the qualities of a queen that reigns supreme?

If so, become a Sabreen Queen Influencer!

By joining the Sabreen Queen Influencer Program, you will be able to promote Sabreen Cosmetic's expansive product line, exclusive offers and invited to exclusive events.  In return you will get exclusive updates about our events and products,  a personal discount code to use for promotion, free products and be featured on our social media pages.

Want in?

Send us your Instagram handle, a photo with you in our product and 1-2 sentences about why you want to work with us.

Let's get started!


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We look forward to reigning with you!